Most of the charming bungalows, Tudors and craftsmen homes in Bonnie Brae built from 1930 to 1950 have been remodeled. When a property is in the process of demolition or construction, the zoning code grants the City Forester regulation over the trees within the front and side setbacks of the property.  During demolition and construction, all trees located in the setbacks of a property must be protected and preserved throughout the project, and trees may not be removed without a permit from the City Forester.

Denver’s municipal code makes it illegal to remove a right-of-way tree without first obtaining a permit from the City Forester. The code notes that “City trees removed without a permit are often worth thousands of dollars and the city code requires that the responsible party compensate the City of Denver for the lost monetary value of the tree to the satisfaction of the City Forester.”


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