The most obvious reason to have a tree removed is if it has already fallen. Trees fall in hurricanes, tornadoes, wind, and snow. They fall from disease or pest damage. A tree can also fall if there has been serious erosion of the ground. Weak earth can’t keep the roots intact.

When a tree falls on your property, do not assume you’ve just come into a wealth of firewood. If the tree has fallen due to pest damage, you don’t want to have the existing pests thriving in a stack of firewood next to your house built of wood (every home has some wood some place). You want that wood far removed from your property. Never operate a chain saw or chipper-shredder without a thorough training. These are dangerous tools for the weekend warrior. Always wear safety gear: steel-toed boots, chainsaw chaps, gloves, safety goggles, helmet, and hearing protection. Better yet, call Donovan Arborists.


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