A permit is not required to remove landscaping from your property in Englewood, however you may not remove so much landscaping that your property no longer meets the minimum landscape. Large tree removal requires that a pro first survey the tree and surrounding property. Knowing where the limb will fall prevents 99 percent of the damage that could occur. Donovan Arborists starts by estimating the tree height and width. We evaluate the tree’s lean to plan for the direction of the fall based on the type of tree, as well as the presence of buildings, utility lines, etc. When we’re certain the fall line is clear, we tie one end of a rope to the tree and crew members hold the other end of the rope while standing outside the fall line. The arborist makes the first V-cut on the side where we want the tree to fall. The second V-cut is made on the opposite side of the tree. When the tree limb starts to fall, the arborist stands clear and the crew members hold the rope, pulling on it to direct the fall.


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