In the early 1900’s the area now known as Greenwood Village was pioneered by Rufus Clark who farmed potatoes on 160 acres along the Platte River. Eventually Clark acquired 20,000 acres of land east of Holly. To the west, another immigrant, Cyrus Richardson, had amassed land from Steele to Dahlia streets that included eight reservoirs. Today Richardson’s property is home to the exclusive and cloistered residential developments called Glenmoor and the Preserve.

In 2021, Greenwood Village is a unique mix of urban commercial land and residential neighborhoods. The daytime population is 45,000, three times that of the 16,000 people who tuck in at night in homes across the village. Nationally recognized for its business parks, there are 224 miles of streets, 31 parks covering 279 acres, and 47 miles of trails and paths. Streetscapes total 53 acres plus another 186 acres of undeveloped open space. And a lot of trees.