Highlands Ranch has an expanding suburban forest with more than 15,000 trees in community parks and along the roadways that only 43 years ago was unfettered ranchland. When hit with superstorms, like the snowfall of March 2021 (the 4th largest storm ever recorded in the metro-Denver area), the crack that follows a spring snowstorm the forestry first responders are out in full force.  

Conifers stripped of their tops in a snowstorm can be revived if the main leader is properly trimmed back to allow new leaders to grow. If not, the tree will be prone to wind damage. Deciduous trees sprout new shoots at the ends of broken limbs. Trees with trunks bigger than 10 inches in diameter with more than one-third of the roots exposed won’t survive. Of course, the best way to keep your trees healthy is to prune and maintain them before the snow hits. Late February and early March are preferred pruning weeks. Called dormant pruning, this practice can make your tees more resilient.


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