HOA Commercial

Lakewood has 150+ individual residential community HOAs listed on https://hoa-community.com/location/co/lakewood-co/. You can find the HOA requirements for your home  landscaping on this site. As well, Lakewood has significant commercial developments built after PUDs were popularized in the late 1970s that specify the landscaping requirements of commercial buildings. The point of HOAs—both residential and commercial—is to control owners’ maintenance of their property with the goal of keeping property values at their highest. Ask Donovan Arborists for insights into the requirements of your particular property when planning to modify, improve or change your landscaping.


We offer free estimates for tree planting, pruning, removal, cabling and bracing. We also specialize in trimming, transplanting and fertilizing shrubs and bushes. Contact us now, we are ready to help you.

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