ladybug on plant stemInsect Infestation and Disease Prevention/Management 

We believe in being proactive in preventing insect infestations and disease outbreaks in our customer’s trees and shrubs. This starts with identifying the pest risk for plants before it becomes an overwhelming issue. Carefully monitoring and assessing the new or existing pest situation ensures action is taken as soon as possible to prevent further outbreak.
Above all, prevention is the best medicine and the ideal option when it comes to proactive insect and disease prevention. To help minimize any damage to your trees and shrubs due to insect or disease, we work to ensure the landscape is healthy and that the direct environment around the plant is not stressed. This means that the primary stress contributors (soil, water and nutrient levels) of a plant are effectively managed and kept in balance. When this is accomplished, risk of pest and disease infestation is reduced, as is the need for traditional pesticide use over time.

Identify and Treat

Our Certified Arborists know what insects and diseases affect which trees and shrubs and can prescribe the safest and most effective treatments for controlling those insects and diseases. We focus our treatments to control problem insects and address diseases that are likely to cause health issues with your landscape plants. We strive to stay ahead of new threats to your landscape and provide cutting edge treatments that keep maintain our mission to use organic and natural services.
We utilize advanced technology to focus our treatments and produce the most effective results possible. We can do this through soil injections and direct tree injections, through these processes only the effected tree gets treated and avoids unnecessary treating of other flora and fauna.
Insect January February March April May June July August September October November December
Aphids Ash, Apple, Aspen, Boxelder, Birch, Cottonwood, Crab Apple, Elm, Hawthorn, Linden, Pines, Peach, Plums, Junipers, Maple, Spruce, Oaks, Walnut, Willow, Vines and Various shrubs                      
Ash/Lilac Borer Ash, Lilacs                      
Ash Sawfly Ash                      
Boxelder Bug Boxelder                      
Bronze Birch Borer Birch                      
Codling Moth Apple (All Species), Crab Apples                      
Cottony Maple Scale Maple, Boxelder, Hackberry, Dogwood, Hawthorn, Poplar, Peach, Pear, Oak,Locust, Willow, Linden and Elm                      
Cottonwood/ Poplar Borer Cottonwood, Poplar and Aspens                      
Crown Borer Peach and Plums                      
Elm Bark Beetle Elm                      
Elm Leaf Beetle Elm                      
Elm Leaf Miner Elm, Birch and Hawthorn                      
Emerald Ash Borer Ash                      
European Elm Scale Elm                      
IPS Engraver Beetle Spruce and Pine                      
Japanese Beetle Adult treatment is Summer and can affect a wide variety of trees and shrubs. The grubs are treated in Spring and Fall                      
Kermes Scale Oak                      
Mountain Pine Beetle Variety of Pines                      
Oystershell Scale Aspen, Ash, Cotoneaster, Poplars, Willow and Lilac                      
Pine Needle Scale Junipers, Pines and Spruce                      
Poplar Scale Aspen and Narrowleafed Cottonwood                      
Spruce Gall Spruce                      
Striped Pine Scale Pine                      
Tussock Moth Spruce                      
Turpentine Beetle Pine                      
Walnut Twig Beetle Walnut                      
Zimmerman Pine Moth Austrian, Scotch and PonderosaPines                      


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