Man in bucket truck trims tree branches of tall tree.Tree Trimming and Pruning Safety Services

We strongly believe in being proactive when it comes to trimming and pruning your landscape's trees. Our clients rarely experience limb failures during Colorado's spring snow or wind storms, and staying on top of at-risk areas of your plants is not only cost-effective, but diminishes complications while keeping them healthy, safe and beautiful.

Safety Pruning Tree Service Goals

"Safety pruning" is the lowest level of tree pruning service that we offer for medium to large sized shade trees. Our main purpose is to remove the larger, dead limbs that may fall and cause personal or property damage. Although we are only removing larger dead limbs, we can still accomplish our three main goals of:
1. Promote health
2. Promote safety
3. Promote aesthetics
A "Safety Prune" makes your tree safer by completing removal of larger dead limbs that could fall at any time.

Safety Tree Pruning Service Package

A "Safety Prune" includes the removal of dead, broken and diseased limbs that are 2 inches in diameter and larger.
We also clear the branches away from structures, pathways and service lines.

Strict Pruning Standards

Safety pruning is appropriate for customers with a limited tree care budget, rental properties or trees that are a non-essential part of the landscape.
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