June 18, 2018 0

First Responder For Your Trees

When Paul Donovan got the urgent notification, he happened to be just blocks away from Congress Park. A certified arborist, his is an outside job. Within minutes he was on the scene in Congress Park. Because that’s what first responders do. Donovan is a Certified Arborist. The customer calling for his help had used his services for the last 5 years. Denver Water had begun its replacement of the water main along Milwaukee Street from 6th to 13th avenues. A backhoe operator at work digging up the old sewer main had pivoted his backhoe around and slammed the bucket of the truck hard into the tree resulting in a 4 foot crack in the bark at the trunk. The bark had loosened.

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June 17, 2018 0

Plant a Tree for Father’s Day

Planting a tree to commemorate a special person is a great gift for both the person and the planet we live on.

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June 11, 2018 0

Yes, Your Trees Add to Your Home’s Value

So you want to sell your house? Curb appeal is one of three drivers in a home purchase; the others being price point and neighborhood. Changing your neighborhood is out of your control. You do have control over the price point you set for your property, but you’re wise enough to know that an offer will likely come in lower than the asking price, so why rush it. Curb appeal? Well get on it! Put a fresh coat of paint on the front door, lay down a new doormat, fix the hinge on the screen door so that it doesn’t drag when the door is opened, put a fresh seat cushion on that front porch swing and cluster planters filled with bright geraniums and vines as thick as draperies on the walkway by the first step to the porch. Add a few lanterns with LED candles (vs. wax candles that will melt) and your house looks like it is right out of Martha Stewart Living. That is until you take a hard look at the yard.

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