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In a DIY era, Jacks of All and Masters of None will take photos on a cell phone and call them good enough for their website. The same Jacks will rent a floor sander and attempt to make their floors look like new. Not so much. They’ll dedicate a weekend to replacing the concrete front walk. It crumbles way too soon. And in the pre April 15 season, they’ll take a whack at their own tax preparation. Audit alarms are going off.

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By Donovan Arborists | January 23, 2019 0

The Wrap

Horse owners wrap their horses’ legs to protect the legs, tendons and ligaments while the horse is in a stall. Weekend athletes wrap their sprained ankles with Ace compression wraps during recovery. Did you know trees need wraps too?

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By Donovan Arborists | January 20, 2019 0

Recycling Your Christmas Tree

By now your cut live Christmas tree has done its duty. It’s time dispose of it responsibly before it becomes a fire hazard. And the responsible way to dispose of a tree is to recycle it. Fortunately, Denver-area residents have several options.

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