July 18, 2017 0

Why Do Trees Uproot?

If you’ve ever tried to remove a tree or clear a stump, you know that these plants can have extensive root systems that cling tenaciously to the soil around them. So why do we see so many stories of trees uprooted by storms? Here are some reasons.

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July 13, 2017 0

What We Can Learn from Tree Rings

You probably know that counting the concentric rings in a cross-section of a tree trunk can tell the tree’s age. But that’s just the beginning of the wealth of information contained in the rings. Scientists can examine and test the rings to uncover years, even centuries, worth of knowledge about climate, atmospheric changes, and local geography.

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July 10, 2017 0

Did You Know That the Rain That Falls on Your Property May Not Be Yours?

Just because rain lands on your property doesn’t necessarily mean you can collect and use it. In fact, it’s only been a little over a year that collecting water in rain barrels has been legal in Denver. And even that comes with a list of restrictions.

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