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5 Cool Uses for Recycled Tree Stumps

Sure, you can grind away a tree stump, pull it out, or just leave it there to rot, but why do that when there are so many other things you can do with a tree that’s outlived its usefulness? Here are just a few ideas: 

Tree Stump Planters

Whether you leave it in place or cut it loose, a tree stump makes a natural choice for a planter. Hollow out its center and fill it with flowers or scrape away the inside of a horizontal log for a patio planter or window box. Leave the branches on a taller stump and use them for hanging plants, feeders, or lights. 

Tree Stump Pavers

Take that tree trunk and slice it into disks for a path with a more natural look than you’ll ever get with store-bought concrete pavers. Many tree species are rot and weather resistant, so they’ll last a long time and blend beautifully into the landscape. Use your imagination for patterns and cool enhancements like the following points! 

Tree Stump Lighting

You can run outdoor wiring under your tree stump path and sink flush lights into it for a dramatic lighted walkway. Of course tree stumps and branches are often used as table and hanging lamps to bring nature indoors. And hollowed-out stumps can be used as lanterns, both in-place and free-standing, in the yard or garden, on the patio, or even indoors for soft mood lighting. 

Tree Stump Furniture

Tree stumps make great table bases, whether single or grouped together for a larger top. Glass tops showcase the stump’s beauty, or you can incorporate a stump (or stumps) as part of an organic all-wood design. A stump can be used as a sitting stool or can be sculpted into a backed chair—even a sofa or loveseat. And don’t overlook the beauty of a tree stump turned into a vessel sink or serving bowl.

Tree Stump Sculptures

Native Americans used tree trunks as totem poles for centuries. Take inspiration from them and do some sculpting of your own. It can be as simple or elaborate as your tastes, tools, and talent can take you. Let the tree speak to you, just like Michelangelo did with marble, and have your tree service leave the part you want to work with.

There are hundreds of cool ways to use tree stumps. Here are tons of ideas on Pinterest. Use them as fodder for your imagination.

When it’s time to take down a tree or remove a stump that’s just not working, call Donovan Arborists. We employ a stump grinding process that produces a wood chip and soil mixture ideal for composting. But we don’t leave it with you if you don’t want it – we rake the area and haul away all the excess debris. Call us to learn more about how we can help sculpt your landscape and work with your tree stumps to produce the natural, beautiful look you’re going for – 303-623-8733 (TREE).

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