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Benefits of Winter Watering your Trees and Shrubs in Denver

Denver has received only 3.07 inches of precipitation since September 1st.  Characteristically, our winters involve dry air, low precipitation and extreme temperature fluctuations.  If you combine this with the Front Range’s compacted clay soil, it’s a stressful time of year for your trees and shrubs.  Following Donovan Arborists Winter Watering Guidelines, will keep your trees healthier, more aesthetically pleasing and less prone to disease and insect infestations.

When to Water:

Water your trees on days that are at least 40 degrees.  Apply during the late morning or early afternoon to allow the water to soak in before it freezes at night.

Water at least once per month if we do not receive any significant moisture.  If Denver receives a lot of snow, then water 2-3 weeks after the snow has melted.

How to Water:

Donovan Arborists offers Deep Root Watering.  We have the professional equipment to apply the water directly into the critical root zone of your trees and shrubs.  We use our deep root feeder to inject the water 4-6 inches below the surface.

The basic idea is to apply water deeply and slowly if you are going to use a hose system to water your plants.  Water penetrates very slowly through our compacted clay soils.  Soaker hoses provide the homeowner with an easy and efficient way to water woody plants.  For shrubs, one soaker hose may water a few shrubs at a time.  But for larger trees, it may be necessary to use 2-4 soaker hoses to apply water to the root zone within the dripline of the canopy.

Colorado State University recommends apply 10 gallons per inch diameter.  For example, a tree with a diameter of ten inches would need 100 gallons on water each time.  The diameter of a tree is measured approximately 3-4 feet off the ground.

Call Donovan Arborists today at 303-623-8733 or visit our website at and we will help keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

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