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Decorating Ideas for Fall Foliage

Fall is the most colorful time of year, so why not bring some of that beauty indoors to enjoy? Here are some ideas.

Make Your Own Wreaths

Sure, you can buy ready-made wreaths, but why not make your own from plants native to your landscape? Pine, holly, and spruce boughs are traditional, as are woven twigs, but don’t overlook broadleaf plants. Euonymus, boxwood, and cotoneaster give an unexpected change from traditional wreaths.

Add Swagger With Swags

Hang ropes of boughs, woven twigs or wispy branches around poles or drape them over windows, doors, or arches for welcoming fall color.

Add Glamour to Candles

Add colorful translucent fall leaves like Japanese maple, ginkgo, and Chinese pistache to the outside of hurricane candle holders. Press the leaves overnight to smooth and dry them, then affix them to the glass with a spot or two of double-stick tape or glue dots on the stem. The candlelight will glow through the leaves, picking up color while casting interesting shadows.

Or you can simply spread colorful foliage around the base of pillar candles on a stand or inside a glass holder. Always keep the candle away from the leaves so you don’t create a fire hazard, and never leave a lit candle unattended.

Frame Your Foliage

Pressed leaves and stems can make striking wall hangings. Colorful dried leaves can be pressed flat in regular picture frames, and interesting twigs and buds are perfect for shadowboxes.

Add to a Centerpiece or Vase

Don’t overlook colorful fall leaves and stems when designing holiday table centerpieces or vases. You can incorporate fresh flowers for added color and interest.

Make Leaf Stringers

Hung from a dining room light fixture, leaf and stem stringers can substitute for a centerpiece, adding fall color while freeing up table space and preserving sight lines.

Sticks and Cones

Groupings of twigs, cones, and acorns can be arranged in a multitude of ways for looks ranging from rustic to contemporary. And don’t overlook your firewood. A neat stack in a holder or in the firebox adds promise of cozy nights to come.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Living

Thanks to our abundant Colorado sunshine, there are plenty of fall and winter days suitable for relaxing outdoors. Fill planters and containers with colorful stems of leaves and berries for year-round enjoyment when warm weather beckons. Secure them in the soil or use a florist’s foam if needed and cover the base with clusters of leaves or needles

The internet and decorating magazines are full of imaginative ways to bring fall color into and around your home. Take advantage of your seasonal trimming and yardwork to celebrate the season. And if you need help with fall maintenance, Donovan Arborists offers planting, pruning, and shearing services as well as a complete landscape maintenance package for property in the Denver area.

We’re always happy to give free estimates to homeowners and property managers for any services they may need.

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