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Don’t Neglect Storm Damage

Broken Branches

Broken branches leave wounds that are susceptible to damage by pests and diseases. It’s important to trim away rough breaks and partial tears. Partially torn limbs present additional risks as trees begin to leaf out and add extra weight and wind resistance to weakened areas.

Proper trimming and pruning are essential to a tree’s health, so rely on a professional tree service to be sure it’s done right.


Even if a tree withstood the gale-force windstorms, its root structure may have been weakened making it susceptible to toppling in the next storm. If you see newly exposed roots or signs of soil heaving around the tree’s base, have an expert assess the degree of damage.

Removal of Damaged Trees and Stumps

Tree and stump removal are best left to pros. The root system of a large tree is extensive and can reach deep and spread under pavement. Professional arborists have the tools and skills to remove trees and stumps without damaging your landscape or property.

You’re Responsible for Trees on Your Property

You are responsible for the maintenance of trees, even if they’re in easements or parking strips along the street. Municipalities can require property owners to trim or remove trees and can hire contractors to do it at the owner’s expense. Avoid fines and expensive tree care bills by acting promptly to identify and address problems. Taking charge of your own maintenance is almost always less expensive, plus it puts you in charge of how and when the work is done.


Donovan Arborists offers free estimates for tree pruning, removal, cabling and bracing in the metro Denver area. Use our online request form or email us directly at paul@denvertrees.com.

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