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Don’t Overdo Your Landscaping

Don’t Overdo Your Landscaping

Colorado is known for its natural beauty, and it’s only normal for people along the Front Range urban corridor to want to surround themselves with it. But most of the population lives on high, arid prairie, not in lush forests or alpine meadows.

That leads to a tendency to want to bring the mountains to the city, and while that can be attractive and enjoyable, doing it wrong can be expensive, unsightly, and even dangerous.

Show Off Your House, Don’t Hide It

Good landscaping can add 10% or more to a home’s value. It increases curb appeal while adding to enjoyment of the outdoor beauty. It can even save on energy costs. But stressed and overgrown trees, shrubs, and vines can hide a home’s architectural beauty and even make it look foreboding. It can also be dangerous, causing added storm damage, trouble with overhead lines, and adding fuel to fires.

That’s why one of the first things you’ll see on “flipping” shows is bringing in crews to tear out old overgrown and unattractive landscaping.

The Right Plants, In the Right Place

It’s important to pick trees and plants that work with your property. Some alpine trees like aspens don’t do well in the city. High altitude trees thrive in cool, sunny, moist areas from 6,500 feet to timberline. The hot, dry climate of the Front Range stresses them and results in weak, unattractive plants that are subject to pests and diseases.

Conifers like pines and spruces can grow quite tall and large, making them subject to crowding if planted close together and causing hazards if near overhead lines and structures. Shade trees, many of which grow very well in the city, can also overwhelm a landscape and become hazardous as they mature.

Invest in the Future

Planting trees is a long-term investment, so think ahead when you choose them and where they go. Hiring a landscape designer or professional arborist will protect that investment by selecting the trees and plants that will show off your property to its best advantage while giving you the outdoor environment you want.

A Professional Makes Life Simpler, Too

Donovan Arborists can help you choose the trees that suit your landscape and help you keep them healthy for generations to come. We offer planting and landscape management services for homeowners and property managers throughout the Denver area. Our motto of “Right Tree, Right Place” saves on maintenance and care while adding beauty, value and memories to your landscape.

We’re happy to give free estimates for any services you may need. Use our convenient online form or call us at 303-623-TREE to speak personally with a certified arborist.

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