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Essential Tools for Gardening

You’ve doubtless heard that the right tools make the job easier, and that’s as true in gardening as anywhere. Whether you work on your trees and shrubs or plant flowers and vegetables, these tools will make the job easier and help keep your plants healthy.

Good Quality Pruners

Scissors have a lot of uses, but one of them ISN’T cutting plants. Pruners are designed to prune, and a good sharp pruner gives clean cuts that minimize damage and wounds where pests and disease can invade. Find a sturdy pruner that’s comfortable to use and keep it sharp.

A Knife You Can Dig

A gardening trowel is a must-have for planting and weeding. A basic trowel is just a small shovel but many are poorly made with uncomfortable handles and blades that are easy to bend. A garden knife is a good alternative. They’re sturdy and have points and edges that can be kept sharp. The Fiskars Big Knife and the Japanese Hori-Hori are two worth looking at. You can see them both on this YouTube video.

A Good Shovel for Bigger Digs

If you’re planting trees or shrubs, a good shovel can be your best friend. One with a heavy blade that holds a sharp edge makes cutting through soil and roots easier, and a sturdy fiberglass handle will stand up to twists and bends better than wood, plus it’s lighter. Radius Garden makes a line of ergonomic gardening tools with circular handles that are easy to use and recommended especially for gardeners with arthritis.

Lopping Shears

Pruners work fine for thin stalks and branches, but if you’re working on trees and shrubs, you’ll want some lopping shears. They work like pruners, but have heavier blades and long handles to give the leverage you need to cut through thicker branches.

A Gardening Apron

Just like a carpenter’s tool belt, a gardening apron keeps your tools handy. Get one that’s sturdy, easy to clean, and has plenty of pockets. Or you can make your own.

A Journal and Planner

Don’t rely on your memory alone. Keeping a journal of what you plant, when, and whether it was successful or not collects valuable information that can help with both current and future gardening. A planning and maintenance calendar reminds you of what you need to do and when you need to do it. You can keep a paper journal or do it on your computer. You can even take a tablet or phone with you while you’re shopping or working. Just be sure to keep it safe from moisture and other damage. Keeping photos in your journal is a good idea, too.

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