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Give Dad a Summer Break with Tree and Shrub Maintenance Services

Summers in Colorado are short enough without spending hours tending to trees and shrubs. Wouldn't Dad rather be relaxing in the beautiful Colorado outdoors than working in the yard pruning and trimming?


Trimming and Pruning


A regular program of trimming and pruning keeps trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful while preventing storm damage to trees and property.

Deep-Root Watering

In Colorado's semi-arid climate and scorching sunlight, deep-root watering trees has a tremendous impact on the overall health of the plants. A well-hydrated tree is more resistant to insects and diseases. It's environmentally friendly, too, cutting down on the need for surface watering and reducing the use of pesticides by as much as 90%.

Professional Fertilization

A professionally designed fertilization program helps trees and shrubs maintain normal growth rates and produces larger leaves, deeper leaf color, larger and more colorful flowers along with improving soil and stimulating roots for stronger, healthier plants.

Insect and Disease Control

Even the best cared-for trees and shrubs can be attacked by insects and diseases. When it happens, a professional arborist has a combination of biological, cultural, physical/mechanical and chemical management tools to bring infestations and disease under control along with measures to lessen the likelihood of it happening again.

Yardwork and Landscaping Services for Father's Day

Your trees and other landscaping are there for your enjoyment, plus they can add significantly to your home's value. Why burden Dad with the work involved to keep them healthy and beautiful?

The pros at Donovan Arborists can help you choose the landscape maintenance plan that best suits your needs and frees up Dad's time for more enjoyable ways to spend his leisure time. We offer planting, pruning and shearing services for homeowners and property managers throughout the Denver area.

We're happy to give free estimates for any services you may need. Use our convenient online form or call us at 303-623-TREE to speak personally with a certified arborist. Our landscape management services save in maintenance and care in the long run while adding beauty, value and enjoyment to your landscape. And Dad won't have to lift a finger.

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