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Increase Your Home’s Value with Trees!

First impressions count. That’s as true in real estate as anywhere—maybe even more so. Realtors call it “curb appeal,” and landscaping can be its biggest single influence. In fact, nationwide surveys indicate that good landscaping with mature trees can add as much as 20% to a home’s value. And those homes sell faster, too.

A well landscaped property has a warm, welcoming feel. It has a comforting effect that gives the impression that the property is well maintained and cared for, and makes buyers more inclined to buy. And trees and shrubs are the stars. Surprisingly, a lush lawn and flowers didn’t have nearly as much impact. 

Give Your Property the Right Wardrobe

Think of landscaping as the clothing your house wears. Is it shabby, threadbare, overdressed or gaudy? How would you react to a person dressed like that? People react to homes that way, too.

Just as in choosing a wardrobe, start with basics. Whether you go with lush green grass or drought tolerant xeriscaping, your lawn is the foundation for the look you want. Keep it healthy and well maintained or you’ll be accessorizing a worn-out wardrobe.

Trees and shrubs are the jewelry of landscaping. Whether it’s a simple string of shrubs accented with a beautiful specimen tree or the warm embrace of a cloak of trees, these are the things that turn a pedestrian landscape into a stunning beauty. And according to real estate professionals, buyers are willing to pay for the extra comfortand privacy trees provide.They even recommend reserving some of your renovation or decorating budget for landscaping. The return on investment can easily be 100% or more.

Include Landscaping in a New Home’s Purchase Price

Mature trees and bushes help houses sell more quickly and at higher prices, but most newer homes come with only the barest amount of landscaping. That’s why many real estate pros recommend trying to negotiate some landscaping allowance into the purchase, even if it means cutting back on some other extras. Trees and shrubs take 5-7 years to mature on average, so get started right away and you’ll have extra curb appeal when it comes time to sell.

Choose Plants That Work with Your House

A professional landscaper can help you choose the trees and shrubs that will add value and show your home at its best. A poorly landscaped property can have the opposite effect, so consider professional advice as an investment rather than an expense.

If you choose to go it on your own, spend a little time looking at designs and seek advice from a local gardening shop to make sure your choices are appropriate for your soils and climate. Even if you’re doing much of the work yourself, have the trees and shrubs planted by pros who know how to do it right. Mangy trees with roots that crack driveways and overgrown shrubbery that blocks windows will turn off buyers instead of motivating them.


Landscaped trees and shrubbery are an important investment that can add considerable value to both residential and commercial property. If you need a helping hand, Donovan Arborists offers planting, pruning, and shearing services as well as a complete landscape maintenance package for property in the Denver area that includes care of trees, shrubs and turf.

We’re committed to maintaining and protecting Colorado’s natural beauty in accordance with the best practices of urban landscaping. We use environmentally friendly practices and a holistic approach, focusing on the greater picture of the plants, their surroundings, soil, water, climate and light exposure to create optimal outdoor environments for your landscape to thrive.

We’re always happy to give free estimates to homeowners and property managers for any services they may need. Call us today at 303-623-8733 (TREE).

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