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Plant a Tree for Father’s Day

Planting a tree to commemorate a special person is a great gift for both the person and the planet we live on. Trees reduce soil erosion, capture pollutants, and release life-giving oxygen into the air as well as providing shelter and food for wildlife. And trees can symbolize a special person like the father who shelters and provides for his family—a perfect Father’s Day tribute that adds meaning along with beauty and value to a landscape.

Choosing a Father’s Day Tree

Is dad a new father? A new husband? Or simply a special person who’s worth commemorating?

Trees can be living, growing tributes to a birth, a marriage, or a symbol of the strength and growth to come. Fruit trees—apples, pears, cherries, peaches, and plums—are highly symbolic as they set their roots, spread their branches and bear fruit.

Flowering trees can celebrate life and new beginnings as they bloom every year.

And stately trees like oaks, maples, and lindens symbolize strength, stability, and shelter—perfect reminders of what dad has meant to his family.

Already Have Enough Trees? Then Give Dad a Break

Your trees and other landscaping are there for enjoyment, plus they can add significantly to a home’s value. Why burden Dad with the work needed to keep them healthy and beautiful when a landscape maintenance package is a perfect gift?

In Colorado’s semi-arid climate and scorching sunlight, deep-root watering trees has a tremendous impact on the overall health of the plants. Combined with a professionally designed fertilization program it helps trees and shrubs maintain optimal growth rates and produce larger leaves, deeper leaf color, and larger and more colorful flowers along with improving soil and stimulating roots for stronger, healthier plants.

A regular program of trimming and pruning keeps trees and shrubs healthy and beautiful while preventing storm damage to trees and property.

Even the best cared-for trees and shrubs can be attacked by insects and diseases. When it happens, a professional arborist has a combination of environmentally-friendly tools to bring infestations and disease under control along with measures to lessen the likelihood of it happening again.

A Professional Arborist Makes Life Simpler…for Dad and the Whole Family

For help in adding a perfect tree to commemorate the special times of your life, Donovan Arborists can help you choose the trees that suit your landscape and help you keep them healthy for generations to come. Our motto of “Right Tree, Right Place” saves in maintenance and care while adding beauty, value and memories to your landscape.

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