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Rebates Offered for Metro Denver Sprinkler System Upgrades

Denver Water and its metro water partners want to cut down on the amount of water that’s wasted by inefficient irrigation systems, and they’re ready to back it up with money. 


How Water is Wasted with Errant Sprinkler Systems

Colorado State University Extension estimates that as much as 50% of residential water use goes to landscape irrigation, much of it needlessly wasted due to inefficient, outdated, or poorly maintained systems. Sprinkler heads that cast a misty spray pattern waste water due to evaporation before the water ever reaches the ground, and winds can cause the water to drift to areas outside the irrigation zone. Malfunctioning control valves can cause drops in line pressure, resulting in sprinkler heads pooling water rather than delivering it where it’s needed. Broken sprinkler head gears can prevent the heads from rotating, and stationary heads may not be able to clear the grass that surrounds them, especially if lawns are kept at the higher mowing heights recommended to conserve water. 

Increase Sprinkler Efficiency with Timers and Tune-Ups

Advances in controller/timer technology allow watering schedules to be set for optimal irrigation based on the time of year, and some even monitor rainfall and other weather conditions to deliver water only when it’s needed.

Sprinkler system tune-ups can lead to substantial water savings as well as improve plant health.

Denver Water Customer Rebates Available

To encourage homeowners and businesses to make changes for better watering efficiency, Denver Water and its partner districts are offering both residential and commercial customers one-time rebates of $3 each for purchases of between 10 and 100 high-efficiency rotary sprinkler nozzles. Residential customers can get up to a $100 rebate for WaterSense-certified smart sprinkler system controllers and commercial customers can receive 25% of the cost of qualifying controllers, including multiple controllers on a single account. 

Other Metro Denver Area Water Provider Rebates

These rebates aren’t only for Denver Water customers. Over twenty metro-area water providers offer these rebates to their subscribers. Details are available on the Denver Water website. To see if your district qualifies, check here. If you have questions, you can reach Denver Water at 303-893-2444 or on their website at

Environmentally-Friendly, Holistic Tree, Lawn and Landscape Services

With over 21 years of service in the Colorado Front Range, Donovan Arborists is committed to maintaining and protecting Colorado’s natural beauty and health by being good stewards of the environment. We take a holistic approach that focuses on total landscape management using environmentally-friendly techniques and ingredients to optimize irrigation, nutrient delivery, and biological activity while conserving resources.

If you need work on any part of your landscape, new or established, Donovan Arborists offers planting, pruning, and shearing and insect and disease management services as well as commercial landscape maintenance in the Denver area. We’re happy to give free estimates to homeowners and property managers for any services they may need.

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