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September is National Preparedness Month

Winter brings on a host of challenges for homeowners. They range from winterizing your house for comfort and energy savings to maintaining your trees to avoid winter damage and having a plan in case trouble strikes.

The Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) designates each September as National Preparedness Month to remind us that we need to plan for the unexpected and be ready to meet the challenges it brings.

The Weather Outside’s Delightful—and Potentially Dangerous

Severe weather is a concern year-round, but it can be especially dangerous in Colorado’s winters. Heavy snowfall can damage trees and structures, disrupt power, and make roads impassable. Do you know how to deal with storm damage and keep warm and nourished during a prolonged emergency? Can you provide lifesaving medical care like CPR and first aid if help can’t get through?

Local citizens are often the first to offer help in an emergency, so it’s important to know how to react in advance to help your family and your community.

Learn Something New Every Week

This year each week of September has a preparedness theme. They include:

Week 1: Sept 1-8


Make and Practice Your Plan

Week 2: Sept 9-15


Learn Life Saving Skills

Week 3: Sept 16-22


Check Your Coverage

Week 4: Sept 23-29


Save For an Emergency

Saturday, September 15 is also designated National Day of Action.

The FEMA Preparedness website,, has details about each week’s information as well as links to multiple resources in a variety of languages.

Preparedness Makes Perfect

Each area of the country has its own challenges disaster-wise. In Colorado those typically come from severe weather. High winds, tornados, wildfires, floods, and heavy snow and ice are seasonal concerns. Taking preventive measures like keeping trees trimmed and healthy, having a disaster plan, and practicing it with your family will help you cope when an emergency occurs. And don’t forget adequate insurance coverage and emergency funds to get you through the aftermath.

Power Through with a Backup Plan

We can forget how dependent we are on electricity…until it goes out. You can do your part by keeping trees trimmed and healthy, but you can’t prevent power outages away from your property.

Be sure to have adequate battery-powered devices like flashlights and radios for emergency information. Cell phones only work when their batteries are charged, so look into a portable recharger that doesn’t rely on external power. If you experience frequent or prolonged power outages, explore auxiliary electrical sources. Backup batteries can provide limited power for a while, but you may want to consider backup generators instead. Take the time to learn the options and pick the best solution for you. An electrical professional can help you choose.

Act Now for Peace of Mind

Knowing you’re prepared for whatever nature throws your way lets you face emergencies with a clear mind and the resources to handle life’s curveballs. National Preparedness Month is a great opportunity to make the plans and gather the resources you’ll need.


Disaster preparedness is a year-round job and tree care is an important part. Donovan Arborists can keep your trees safe and healthy for generations to come. We offer tree and shrub trimming, cabling, and bracing as well as removal and replacement of dead or damaged trees and shrubs in the Denver area. We also provide landscape management services for homeowners and property managers

We’re happy to give free estimates for any services you may need. Use our convenient online form or call us at 303-623-TREE to speak personally with a certified arborist.

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