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Trees Can Lower Your Energy Bill

It’s no surprise that well-chosen trees add to the beauty and value of a home, but did you know that trees can also be a significant source of energy savings?

Strategically placed shade trees can lower daytime air conditioning costs as much as 30% in Colorado’s high intensity summer sunlight. A large tree can transpire as much as 100 gallons of water per day, producing a cooling effect comparable to ten room-size air conditioners. This, along with the shade they provide, can have a significant effect on power consumption and its associated pollution when spread across multiple locations in urban areas.

Trees also help lower energy costs in the winter. When their leaves fall in autumn, that same bright Colorado sunlight can add enough solar heating to reduce heating bills by 20% or more. And trees, especially evergreens, can block cold winter winds, reducing the load on heating systems.

Beyond their benefits to individual homeowners, trees have a positive impact on entire communities. In addition to their shading and evaporative cooling, a large urban canopy of trees reflects heat-producing infrared light, preventing it from being absorbed and stored by dark pavement and rooftops. They also give off enough water vapor to produce low-level clouds, further shading entire areas from the excess heat caused by urban “heat islands.”

These benefits extend all the way to the global climate. Their cumulative effect helps cool the atmosphere worldwide.

Since so many of these effects are cumulative, even planting a single tree adds to the benefits for everyone. Of course, planting the right tree(s) in the right place maximizes their value, esthetically, economically, and environmentally.

If you need help choosing the right trees for your landscape, Donovan Arborists offers planting, pruning, and shearing services as well as a complete landscape maintenance package for property in the Denver area.

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