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Trees Keep Memories Alive

Planting a commemorative tree ensures that memories will endure for generations. And what better time to do it than around Memorial Day?

Whether the tree represents the memory of a loved one passed or a special time or place, it’s a living, growing reminder of its purpose.

People, Places, and Times

Memories aren’t all in the past, either. While a tree is a great memorial, it can also represent the future. It can be a living, growing tribute to a marriage, a birth, or any other special occasion.

Here are some ideas for things to commemorate with trees:

  • Graduation time is here, and what better way to commemorate the start of a new beginning than with a tree that symbolizes strength and growth to come?
  • A tree is a great way to celebrate a marriage. Many deciduous fruit trees—apples, pears, apricots, cherries, peaches, and plums—can be grown in Colorado under the right conditions. And what a great symbol they are as they set their roots, spread their branches and bear fruit.
  • Plant columnar deciduous or evergreen trees in a row or circle with the birth of each child and watch as they grow every year to their mature height. And be sure to include the trees in family pictures throughout the years for some great then-and-now memories.
  • Flowering trees can commemorate life and new beginnings when they bloom every year.

Save a Memory, Save the Planet

Planting a tree to commemorate a special occasion is great for both the memory and the planet it was made on. Trees reduce soil erosion, capture pollutants, and release life-giving oxygen into the air as well as providing shelter and food for wildlife. An expert arborist can help you choose the trees that suit your needs and help you keep them healthy for generations to come.

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