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What to Do with Your Christmas Tree after the Holidays Have Passed

Having a cut, live tree is a big part of many people’s holiday enjoyment. The scent alone gives a special pleasure, bringing up fond memories of years gone by. And there’s no reason that your tree can’t keep on giving once the holidays have passed.

Here are some ways to dispose of your tree that are both safe and environmentally-friendly:

  • Don’t wait for the tree to dry out. Dry trees are fire hazards and should be removed before they become dangerous. Use a large bag, sheet or blanket to hold down the mess and don’t obstruct sidewalks or streets if you’re planning for curbside pickup.
  • Take advantage of community recycling programs. Check with your local agencies for specifics, but they will want trees to be free of any decorations and some will want larger trees cut into 4-foot pieces for easy handling for curbside pickup. Others may offer community recycling locations. Here’s information on Denver’s program. You can even come back later for free mulch!
  • Consider saving all or part of your tree for repurposing. For instance:
    • Use the needles as mulch in beds or containers
    • Use some branches in your pond as shelter for the fish
    • Save some bark strips or branches for decorative uses
    • Put all or part of the tree in your back yard as a bird sanctuary and feeder. Pinecones make great holders for suet, peanut butter, and seeds. String pieces of fruit or popcorn in the branches
    • If you have access to a wood chipper, grind the tree up for mulch

A note about burning trees: Evergreen trees have a high level of flammable oils, even when they seem dry. Never burn them in your fireplace. They can cause chimney fires or flare up, sending flaming embers into the room. And most municipalities prohibit outdoor burning of trees.

The folks at Donovan Arborists wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season and remind you that now is the time to get your trees and shrubs ready for winter and holiday decorating. We offer complete pruning and shearing services for Denver-area landscapes, and we’re happy to give free estimates to homeowners and property managers for any services they may need.

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