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The City of Denver counted 160 calls to 3-1-1 for downed trees and tree limbs after the mid-April 2021 snowfall that brought between 5” in Lowry to 8” in Westminster. Older, large trees toppled into yards and streets; some landed on vehicles.

Denver’s 12-person forestry team focused on removing trees blocking the right of way or threatening the safety of pedestrians or vehicles. The process could take weeks.

Immediately following the storm, Denver Parks and Recreation issued a warning to property owners not to haul tree branches to public areas or parkways. Instead, property owners are responsible to clean up tree limbs on their land.

Break down branches no larger than four inches in diameter into lengths of four feet or less. Bundles must be tied and weigh no more than 50 pounds. Up to 10 bundles may be put out on extra trash collection days every eight weeks or can be dropped off at the Cherry Creek Recycling Drop-off center at 7352 Cherry Creek S Dr, Denver, CO 80231. 

  • Don’t attempt to shake snow off a tree limb if a utility line is passing through the tree’s branches.
  • Don’t use a ladder or climb a tree to remove snow.

Denver gets an average 60.2 inches of snow annually compared to the US average of only 27.8 inches.

Be safe, not sorry and call the pros: Donovan Arborists. We are masters of tree and limb removal. We have the right equipment to perform the job in any season. We are trained in the proper and safe techniques for any tree situation. Contact for help today.

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