Our Approach

Donovan Arborists is locally owned Denver arborist services company offering enviornmentally friendly residential & commercial tree removal, landscaping, and planting services. We are dedicated to protecting your growing investments in an environmentally responsible manner.

Tree Trimming

Trimming is one of the most important tree care practices in Colorado. We properly prune to improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees.

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Tree Removal

We’ve been removing trees in Colorado for the past twenty years. You can rest assured knowing that we will remove your tree safely and efficiently.

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Insect and Disease Management

Our Plant Health Care Programs are designed to protect your trees and shrubs from insects and disease in an environmentally sound manor.

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Deep Root Fertilization

Our organic-based fertilizer gives your trees and shrubs the nutrients they need in order to thrive. We focus on the root and soil relationship.

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Tree Planting and Transplanting

“The right tree in the right place.” This practice is the basis to producing a landscape that flourishes while requiring less maintenance over time.

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HOA & Commercial Tree Services in Denver, CO

We specialize in landscape maintenance of smaller HOA properties. Complete packages are offered to care for trees, shrubs, turf and snow removal.

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Denver Arborist Residential & Commercial Tree Removal, Planting Services

"Paul's passion for his work shows in everything he does and he has an impressive depth of knowledge. I highly recommend his company! He made my out-of-control yard look amazing."

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