Pruning is top on the list annually to maintain the loveliness of these estate homes. From mid-February to early March, attendant homeowners call on Donovan Arborists to professionally prune the beloved shade to perfection. With the foliage absent, it’s easier in early winter to assess the pruning required to remove dead, dying and diseased branches, so that the tree continues to grow in a healthy way.

A tree blooms on growth from the year prior. If you prune over the winter, your tree won't bloom. Instead, prune right after the tree completes blooming. By pruning and trimming trees in specific ways, you can encourage fruit trees to flower and bear increased fruit the following year, keenly important for Old Cherry Hills Village which was founded near the end of WWII in a grove of eponymous cherry trees.

Cherry trees are early blooming trees. Other early blooming trees include:

Magnolia. Surprised? Magnolias like acidic soil and can be grown successfully in Colorado along the Front Range.


We offer free estimates for tree planting, pruning, removal, cabling and bracing. We also specialize in trimming, transplanting and fertilizing shrubs and bushes. Contact us now, we are ready to help you.

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