Tree Care

Removal, Mainentance and Tree Planting Services

IPM- Integrated Pest Management & Disease Control

We believe in being proactive in preventing insect infestations and disease outbreaks in our customer’s trees and shrubs. This starts with identifying the pest risk for plants before it becomes an overwhelming issue. Carefully monitoring and assessing the new or existing pest situation ensures action is taken as soon as possible to prevent further outbreak.

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Deep Root Fertilization

Our organic-based fertilizer gives your trees and shrubs the nutrients they need in order to thrive. We focus on the root and soil relationship.

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Deep Root Watering

Deep root watering your trees has a tremendous impact on the overall health of your plants. A hydrated tree is more resistant to insects and diseases.

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Emerald Ash Borer

Emerald Ash Borer has killed 10s of millions of Ash tree in 21 states. We have many different treatment options to protect your Ash trees.

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Mountain Pine Beetle

Mountain Pine Beetle is a common pest that effects Pines in the Denver area. Donovan Arborists can help protect your Pine trees from the devastating pest.

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IPS Engraver Beetle

IPS Beetle is a common pest of Pines and Spruce trees in the Denver area. Prevention is key as this is one of a few insects that can kill a mature tree.

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