Autumn Blaze Maple in full, bright red bloom.Structure Pruning for Saplings and Young Trees

We strongly believe in being proactive when it comes to trimming and pruning your landscape's trees. Our clients rarely experience limb failures during Colorado's spring snow or wind storms, and staying on top of at-risk areas of your plants is not only cost-effective, but diminishes complications while keeping them healthy, safe and beautiful.

Structure Pruning Tree Service Goals

"Structure Pruning" is the pruning of young trees. Our main purpose with this service is to establish a main, central tree stem. A tree adhering to this form is stronger and will be better able to withstand Colorado's spring snow and wind storms. This pruning will reduce the need to install cables and rods later in the tree's life. The three main goals of trimming a young shade tree are as follows:
1. Promote health
2. Promote safety
3. Promote aesthetics
A "Structure Prune" accomplishes all of these goals while still maintaining your tree's natural form.

Structure Tree Pruning Service Package

A "Structure Prune" includes pruning to establish one main, central leading stem for the tree. It also includes the removal of dead, broken and diseased limbs that are 1/2 inch in diameter and larger.
We thin the canopy to remove conflicting or crossing limbs, allowing the limb we select to remain on the tree to become stronger and healthier.
Pruning cuts are made near the tips of the heavier branches to reduce weight, and to keep them from breaking in a wind or snow storm.
Finally, we clear the branches away from structures, pathways and service lines.

Strict Pruning Standards

We believe that a tree should "still look like a tree" when the pruning is done. To accomplish this, we literally go through every inch of your tree while performing service. We are the only company in the Denver metro area with these strict pruning standards.

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