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A Tree Grows in Littleton

Almost 55 years ago, there was a house on South Broadway with a tree growing through it. Well, it was growing through the center of the attached carport roof which seemed an odd place to have a tree. It was a curious sight from the perspective of the back seat of the family car. Not much in suburban Littleton was curious, but instead homogenous.

Over the next decade, the homes along Broadway gained business signs. An accountant’s office here, a florist there. The tree grew taller and broader and the concrete under the carport raised up, heaving from the tree roots underneath. About that time, my family moved a few miles west and there wasn’t any reason to pass by that house much anymore.

Years later, I found my destination would take me right by the tree house and I guess I should have expected the tree would be gone. It was. The carport remained. I wondered if the owner had patched up the hole in the carport ceiling or kept it. But traffic had quadrupled and there was no slowing down to check for sure.

Fast forward decades. I’ve had plenty of addresses, as have my now grown children. It seems that every time one of us relocates the new yard needs massive attention including removal of dead trees, roots that jut out of the fence, trees that are in the way of progress.

So when is the right time to remove a tree (and its roots) from your yard?

Experts, like Donovan Arborist, say during dormant season.

The reason: it’s easier.

Even if it sounds like the frozen ground would make tree extraction more difficult, the frozen ground acts as a safety factor, keeping adjacent vegetation safer from disruption. When the earth is warmer, nearby plants and trees are more easily disrupted. Also, dormant season is when the leaves have fallen off the branches making it a tidier extraction. And finally, if sap starts returning to the tree roots in spring, any remaining root is likely to sprout again the next spring.

If you intend to use the felled tree for firewood, the best time of year to chop it down is (again) dormant season when the sap saturation is at its lowest level. That makes for better burning wood, reports

The smart move is to call on Donovan Arborists for professional tree and root removal. Donovan Arborists practice safety first in tree removal management. Overhead wires, dead limbs, hollow trunks and more add up to a safety risk that cannot be overlooked. Plus Donovan Arborists cleans up after tree work, clearing away the tree remains and leaving your yard looking like it’s just been groomed. Call 303-623-8733.

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