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It’s hard to believe. Five days ago, 3 to 6 inches of snow accumulated in Denver, CO.

The Farmer’s Almanac forecasts that mid-June through mid-July of 2022 the hottest temperatures of the summer will pound the Mile High City.

Fifty-degree fluctuations in temperatures are predictable in the high plains of Denver as seasons turn. People get the warnings on TV, radio, and online news and can’t imagine the weather will turn on a dime. And then it does. But trees can’t read. So us humans need to protect them.

Trees naturally use transpiration to manage heat. Each leave has pores or little openings called stomata. The stomata open up to allow water to evaporate to cool the tree. It’s like people sweating.

Beyond the tree’s natural ability to protect itself, people can take steps to help the tree—particularly young trees—to survive extreme heat, including:

  • Mulching
  • Watering
  • Fertilizing, and
  • Limited pruning.

These steps help trees to fend off dehydration, lack of nutrition and pest infestations.

Mulch around the base of a tree helps retain moisture at the base.

While watering seems like a no-brainer, it’s important that you water enough to make sure the soil is damp deep into the ground to the bottom of the root ball. Every 4 – 6 days at minimum for bigger rooted trees, more frequently for newbies.

Get proactive. Fertilize now before it’s too hot. Trees and shrubs should be fertilized in early spring. Avoid fertilizing trees and shrubs stressed out by extreme heat or drought in summer.

Summer pruning is primarily for shaping and creating a solid structure. Heavy pruning should be saved for winter when trees are under less stress. If you must prune damaged limbs in the hottest months, only remove dead, diseased, and damaged branches. But be sure to follow up with fertilizer and extra water. It’s like a Band-aid on a human wound.

No one wants to risk losing a tree. They aren’t cheap. They help beautify your property. Wise homeowners contact the pros—Donovan Arborists—to tend to their trees year-round. Contact us and we’ll have our experts help you keep your trees looking cool during triple digit weather.

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