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In a Covid year we all got used to standing back a distance of 6’ from the guy ahead of us in line. Spacing can make all the difference in communicating disease and in your landscaping.

Denver has an official forestry guide online at:

The guide specifies minimum spacing requirements for trees planted in the right of way (between the street curb and the sidewalk). The same distancing requirements make every bit of sense when planting other trees in your yard.

The city requires 35’ between shade trees and 25’ between ornamental trees. Any tree must be planted a distance of 30’ from curb at intersections and 20’ from street light poles. Trees must be 10’ from alleys, driveways and fire hydrants. 7’ from attached sidewalks, and 5’ from water meters.

The city prohibits planting of cottonwoods and aspens in the public right-of-way. No willow or box elder, Siberian elm, or weeping and pendulous trees are allowed.

Property owners cannot plant any of the following trees: ash, walnut, silver maple, Autumn Blaze or Freeman maple, Sunburst honey locust, Bradford pear, Mulberry, Russian olive, or Tree of Heaven.

When it comes to planting trees in public right of way or on your own property, it’s best to contact a professional like Donovan Arborists. We’ll make sure your newly planted tree gets off to a good start by planting it right.

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